Exclusive Importation Training
for Fashion Vendors

Before i came accross the training that changed my life from better to amazing as a Fashion Vendor, i have attended so many trainings in the past

All they do is teach how to import from the regular 1688 website, gives you the most expensive cargo in town contacts and your goods will take forever to arrive and finally when it arrives you will realized that even Aba made is better than what you got, and sometimes you will get goods of good Quality but will be but the price will be the doubled of what is being sold in market.

When i hear UK, US, Malaysia, Turkey and Vietnam Importation training i say to myself this is what am looking for, but am wrong, they will add you a whatspp group for turkey and send confusing links for Uk, US, Vietnam and strange applications for Malaysia. Everything seems very confusing. This experience really make me sad.

I then realized that, i have to figure out a better way to source for good and high Quality brands for my fashion business to be successful.

Here is What i did;

First, I stopped buying from 1688, Then I started buying from wholesalers in Lagos that sell high Quality designer brands, these Wholesalers source their goods from Uk, US, Turkey and even China.

Then i started wondering how did they manage to get quality and beautiful bags, shoes, clothes and many more from china and at amazing prices,

But none of them is willing to share, they said if people buying from them knows this secret, they will stop buying from them.

And yes! I finally find one who is willing to teach me one on one, she sells in Wholesale at Balogun Market, But what she bill me is beyond me, you will agree with me that Charging me hundreds of thousands for importation is crazy right.

Even though i was unabele to afford it, i had to borrow because i know what is in it for me, this particular importation training changed my Life for good, I made all my money back in my first importation after then, i was very happy, And i stoppep buying from Lagos Wholesaler

I realized that so many people are having this same challenge  i had in the past and thats why this this training is carefully put together to guide and teach step by step on how to import most sort after designer brands from different countries.

This includes, Bags, Shoes, Clothes, and Jalabias (stoned and non stoned)

Who is This For?

  • Fashion Vendors looking forward to sourcing high quality brands directly from factories and suppliers
  • Starters: People looking forwards to starting their own fashion business
  •   Personal Shoppers 

What you will Learn

Importaton from UK :- Wholesale and retail worth (N20,000)

Importation from US :- Wholesale and retail worth (N20,000)

Importation from Turkey :- Wholesale only Worth (N15,000)

Importation from China:- Wholesale only worth (N5,000)

This includes shopping your favorite brands like Pretty little things, Aldo(Original), Caperobbin, Zara (original). Chanel, Guess, Fashionnova, Missguided, PublicDesire and many more​

Total Value : N60,000


Bonus 1 :- How to avoid what i orders versus what i got Value  (N2,000)

Bonus 2 :- Over 20 direct contact of suppliers (Fashion Vendors List)  Value (N10,000)

Bonus 3 :- Agents to help in sourcing and payment where necssary Value (N5,000)

Bonus 4 :- Reliable Cargo to Use Value (N5,000)

Total Bonus Value : N22,000




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What Our Students Say

Should in case you are not satisfied with the course after the class you can apply for refund and it will be granted

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